The cloud is a haven of value for businesses, especially startups. Not only can it help you cut traditional costs in many ways, but the cloud can also improve your relationships with customers by allowing for 24/7 tech support, personalization, easy accessibility, and collaboration at any time from any location.

24/7 Tech Support

Having the ability to fix problems at any time quickly, including overnight, is crucial to any continuous business. Working with a 24/7 tech support crew is essential for avoiding downtime that could hurt a company’s reputation. A quality tech support team will provide clarity, simplicity, and solutions to customers who have issues with the website or their account.

Targeted Personalization

One of the most powerful qualities of the cloud is that it gives you plenty of tools to communicate with customers in various ways. You will have access to plenty of analytics that tell you about who your visitors are and where they come from. Through online surveys, newsletters and email accounts, you can send messages to individual customers, who can be categorized into personas that represent different segments of the market.

Flexible Accessibility

Systems outside of the cloud do not always offer the flexibility the cloud does in how an employee can access their account. In many cases, non-cloud systems require access to be from a specific location, whereas cloud storage systems remove access limitations and allow you to access the network from any device. Many companies are capitalizing on the cloud by reducing their investments in staff computers and letting employees bring their own mobile devices to work. The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) system cuts down on employee training since they are already familiar with their own smartphone or notebook. BYOD helps boost employee loyalty, which improves their attitudes toward customers.

Seamless Collaboration

The cloud allows your employees to collaborate seamlessly with team members or business partners from remote locations. This dynamic allows for a sales representative to meet with a client outside the office and have real-time meetings with managers, which can help close deals faster. The cloud is also useful for online staff meetings and training as well. Ultimately, the cloud opens doors for interactivity between employees and customers, in which they can answer questions and resolve issues at a faster pace.