A non-profit organization committed to sharing ideas on a wide array of topics; TED provides the global community a more profound way of understanding and learning. TED Talks, which are short, 18-minute talks, offer listeners invaluable insight into many different issues. They provide a great outlet for both speakers and listeners to share ideas and inspiration. Whether you are simply looking for some entertainment or are focused on improving your skill set, TED Talks can be a great use of your time. Here are five talks related to customer success that are worth a listen:

The Power of Empathy

Being empathetic towards your clients is an essential skill any individual working in customer success should possess. No matter what your client’s situation is or what their goals are, being able to understand their viewpoint will make your time together more productive. In this talk, an associate professor from Harvard Medical School, Dr. Riess, discusses the fundamental principles of empathy and how to apply them to achieve better outcomes. The principles she discusses can be used in your next meeting or in your day-to-day schedules to develop stronger relationships.

How to Stay Calm When You Know You’ll be Stressed

Too much stress can ruin our day, and worst case scenario, our health. From dealing with upset and difficult clients making important decisions, we can often become easily overwhelmed with various situations in customer success. However, not all stress has to be bad. In this talk, Daniel Levitlin, a Neuroscientist, discusses how to be proactive at managing stress. By planning and developing ways to prevent or handle situations that you can expect to arise, stress can be managed in a way that leads to success.

How to Speak so that People Will Want to Listen

Do you have trouble getting through to your clients? Sometimes it can be hard to effectively get your point across and to remain on the same page. Without the ability to read minds, it may seem like your stuck in an endless loop of conversation that doesn’t seem to go anywhere. In this TED Talk, Julian Treasure speaks about the “seven deadly sins of talking.” Actions such as shifting blame to exaggerating can weaken client relationships beyond repair.

Getting Stuck in the Negatives

One bump in the road may forever leave either you or customer in a negative mindset. Those who work in customer success work tirelessly to keep a positive outlook throughout the client’s journey. If you are struggling to effectively escape a negative mindset, this talk by Dr. Alison Ledgerwood has some helpful advice and is worth the listen.