In business, building strong relationships is a crucial catalyst for success. There is a lot of truth to the idea that it is more important to know the right people, than to know the right things. So if you want to improve your ability to build relationships in your career, follow these tips:

Meet More People in Person

It is tempting to try to use the internet for all communication today. After all, it is quick, easy, simple and scalable. However, you only truly know someone when you have gotten to know them in person. Focus on meeting your potential relationships in person whenever possible.

Don’t Be All Business

Obviously, business is the core reason that you and your business peers connect. However, in order to be more human and make a deeper connection, be sure to talk about personal things too. Share hobbies, family statuses, and have fun together outside of the official business realm.

Demonstrate Trust

If you are going to have a strong relationship with someone, you need to be trustworthy. The way to do this is to go above and beyond for them whenever you can. If you are always providing value and expecting nothing in return, then you are showing them what it will be like to work with you on joint ventures in the future.

Get an Introduction

Most people are capable of talking about themselves in a positive light. However, such words of praise will have more weight if someone else introduces you and vouches for your character. Introductions provide you with built-in social proof. And social proof is one of the strongest ways to influence and build rapport with others.

Don’t Be a Pushover

There is nothing wrong with trying to help others. However, when you are constantly sacrificing your values in order to appease people, you are showing weakness. Be polite in your business dealings, but always stand up for what you truly believe in. Don’t be afraid to speak up when you feel that something isn’t right.

Building relationships doesn’t come naturally to everyone. However, you can always learn the skills and tactics that it takes to become a great people person. Use the tips above to build better relationships than ever before, so that you can enjoy all the success you truly deserve.