Customer success is recognized as a key driver for recurring revenue models. Through customer retention and revenue streams, customer success is proving to be a vital player that is fueling new artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Customer success is now implemented by companies outside of the tech industry. In telecommunication, it helps to reduce the customer churn by improving customer communication. For financial services, it helps improve customer relationships.

AI’s technological disruption becomes more profound because of customer success solutions. Business can now automate personalized conversations with consumers. It adds human-like interaction to customer relationships. Companies can intimately reach out to their consumers at scale through highly targeted email and SMS. This is advantageous because it improves efficiency and increases revenue. Customer success solutions improve post-sale experiences, boost retention, foster quick sales, and reduce administrative task loads, among other things. This last aspect of reducing loads on a company’s workforce is profound. It frees up and empowers otherwise redundant human activities to cater to high-value consumers and other intricate aspects of the competitive business environment.

Three specific advantages of customer success solutions for AI assistant technologies are:

  • scale operations
  • liberate managers
  • personalize automated interactions

The speed and variability of scaling operations seem to become more important with every technological advancement. Customer success solutions promote scaling by revamping the customer lifecycle. Aspects like personalized automated interactions improve onboarding, consumer communication, support, and product information. As previously mentioned, customer success solutions free up a workforce to better allocate their time. This means that high-value accounts get more attention. It also increases the resources for customer outreach by first improving the quality of feedback.

Customer success solutions are already designed to improve the overall experience of human dealings in business models. Both employee and customer experiences fundamentally improve. Additionally, these solutions are now being looked into for renewal, cross-sell, and upsell. Specifically, customer success solutions add a compelling post-purchase conversational aspect to AI driven virtual assistants. AI is in part so disruptive because of how fast and easy it can be implemented. Since customer success assistants are ‘pre-trained,’ some features can be deployed in a couple of weeks. These are out-of-the-box solutions proven successful at offloading repetitive aspects of customer cycles.