There’s a lot of focus on millennials. Countless articles, research, and conversations pose the question of how to best reach them. However, millennials, who are between 18-34, are no longer the latest generation that businesses need to be marketing to. In fact, most millennials are even older than that age range. Today, millennials are now business owners, professionals, and working adults. It’s now on millennials to engage with and market to the generation that comes after them: Gen Z, which includes all those born after 1995.

Lightning Speed

One important aspect to understand when marketing to Gen Z is to realize that they rely on everything being lightning quick. This is the generation that hasn’t heard of a dial-up modem or a telephone with a cord attached. As such, they have grown up with technology—and lightning-quick technology at that. They expect things to work and work fast, and they have spent their lives on the internet. To market to Gen Z, you have to be as quick as they are. That means creating and adapting products that move fast or produce fast results.

Cult Followings

Gen Z is loyal, and they love discovering the next big thing. It is beneficial to market to this generation is by creating a distinct brand that feels unique. One way to do this is by building a relationship with your customer so that you can get to know them and anticipate what products they want. Think of using Apple as a model. As a brand, they inspire loyalty by always creating cool, new products that are both trendy and functional.

Social Media

Of course, there’s one place you can always find Gen Z: social media. This is where you need to target them. When you’re trying to promote your products to Gen Z, it’s best not to rely on old methods or mediums of advertising. Forget traditional television and print ads. You want to reach Gen Z where they live, not where millennials have traditionally lived. Gen Z isn’t watching television or reading magazines. They’re on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Focus on creating content on social media that will hold their attention. Utilizing influencer marketing is another crucial component of reaching Gen Z that will continue to develop in 2019.