Since cloud computing has changed the business world, it is not surprising that software as a service (Saas) companies are rising in popularity. SaaS allows businesses to use needed software applications on demand. This allows most businesses to perform much more efficiently. Here is a look at the top five SaaS companies.

SAP is available in almost 190 countries and used by over 200,000 business customers. The software is ideal for medium to large businesses. As an integrated suite, it offers all the tools businesses need. It can run everything from supply chains to human resources and more. Sales, financials, and procurement can all be managed effectively.

For mid-sized businesses, Oracle is a popular choice. It is second only to Salesforce in terms of its capabilities and popularity among business owners. While the others sell commodity hardware, Oracle instead provides businesses with engineered systems. Retail and public sector companies are the ones using it the most. It provides HCM and CRM.

Cobweb is a SaaS company that is used by thousands of businesses around the world. It is a particularly popular choice in the U.K. No other company provides more cloud solutions for its business clients. Small businesses are the primary users of Cobweb. The flagship product of Cobweb is Hybrid Lync. This includes tools that help businesses save money on conference calls and other forms of communication.

Businesses that are targeting customers through various digital means are turning to Akami. Its cloud services provide this, making it easy for businesses to reach customers through several digital outlets. Media content can be transported to consumers using their service. Additionally, videos can be transcoded and analyzed in real time, making it a valuable tool for many businesses.  

Last but not least is Salesforce. It may be the best known SaaS in the industry. With millions of users, Salesforce has taken over many businesses. No other SaaS performs CRM better than this one. Any business can build a thorough database by using it. Sales representatives around the world rely on this, as they can have Salesforce with them wherever they go.

Each of these five SaaS companies has made significant contributions to countless businesses. Throughout the world they are the choices relied on the most. Any business can get ahead when using one of these SaaS companies for so many of their needs.