The SaaS industry has grown immensely in the last several years. As data centers have become cheaper, it is easier than ever before for companies to host their apps and data in the cloud. But the industry will undergo some major changes in the coming years. Here is what the future of SaaS could look like:


While a decade ago most internet users were on their desktops, today it is all about the smartphone. Your pocket computer can check emails, browse the web, post on social media, take pictures, and do more than most pieces of technology have been able to do over the span of humankind. For that reason, SaaS will likely become even more mobile than ever before, in an effort to maximize a product’s ease of use and accessibility for its users.


Security is of the utmost importance in SaaS. While software is powerful and exciting, it also comes with its fair share of risks. Companies will start hiring cyber professionals to audit their apps to ensure customer information is protected.


With so many apps in existence today that have varying — and often overlapping — uses, there will likely come a time when they will need to be merged and consolidated. Instead of having a dozen apps for business functions, companies will opt to streamline their applications and house them under one digital roof, so as to avoid inefficiencies that might stand in the way of profit.

Automation and AI

Expect AI to take on a major role in the upcoming SaaS innovations. By limiting automated tasks to lines of code and letting humans focus on personal interactions, automated programs will enable companies to spend more time on providing strategic value to their overall customer base. From accounting to marketing, AI will lead the way.

Competition and Differentiation

There is no doubting the fact that SaaS is a very competitive market. With so many new companies popping up each day, current providers must learn how to stand out. Expect to see a lot more differentiation in the market to demonstrate improved value.

Software is taking over the world. With the explosive success of Silicon Valley, companies everywhere are looking to get into SaaS and leverage technology like never before. However, if you are in any industry, you will need to understand how to fit SaaS within your business goals and future. Review the insights above and form a plan to get ahead of the curve.