In business, every minute counts. It’s important to stay focused and productive at work to be successful. That being said, there are times when productivity can decrease and time management must be improved. There are a few ways to maximize your productivity at work:

Track Your Time

Time management is one of the most important factors for increasing your productivity. With so many hours in the day for work, it’s crucial to keep time on each task you tackle. Not many people accurately know how long they spend on each task throughout the day. It’s also important to keep track of the time you spend looking on your phone, using social media and email. Use online time tracking tools to help manage your time.

Schedule Breaks

While keeping track of how much time spent on tasks throughout the day, schedule breaks. Some think that taking breaks will lead to a decrease in productivity, but it has the opposite effect. Taking a break from work can help improve concentration. Regular breaks throughout the work day will help maintain a steady performance and enhance productivity. Be sure to keep track and schedule each break.

Have a To-Do List

This may be the most obvious way to boost productivity.  However, not many people utilize a to-do list in their workday. How you organize your to-do list is up to you. Order tasks from easiest to hardest, in order of how long they will take, or in order of priority. No matter how you choose to tackle each task, it’s helpful to write each one down and cross it off when completed. Use tools like Google Tasks, which can sync with Google Calendar and Gmail to maximize productivity.

Be Realistic

When looking to improve your productivity at work, it’s important to remember that perfection is unattainable. It’s important to strive to do your best, but also remain realistic with the tasks at hand. Set attainable goals with a realistic timeframe for completion. It’s essential to complete a task in a timely matter and move on to the next one. You can always go back to it to adjust or improve it later.

Staying organized and keeping your time well-managed are the sure ways to improve productivity. By tracking time, crossing off each task and setting realistic goals, your workday will run much more smoothly and productively.