Customer success is defined as the achievement of the goals and desired outcomes of a company’s clients, as a result of their interaction with the business. Savvy companies understand the importance of stressing customer success in order to both attract and retain customers. Instilling a sense of loyalty within your customer base can lead to big dividends down the road. Here are five companies that have mastered the art of customer success:

UNBOUNCE: As one of the nation’s leading landing page optimizers, Unbounce places a great deal of emphasis on cultivating customer success. Because the industry of digital marketing is so competitive, Unbounce recognized early on that it needed to form a focused customer success team engineered to work through the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) at every stage of the business process.

ETSY: This online marketplace allows buyers and sellers to interact personally to sell handmade goods. In today’s digital world, the business idea took off and grew rapidly. By focusing on the user and their wants for personalized products and a curated experience, Etsy was able to demonstrate the importance of a single-minded focus on customer success as a key to longevity in the market.

LUA: This personalized messaging app service has built its entire business plan on providing a customized experience for its clients. To this end, the concept of customer success was an organic process born out of its commitment to personalization. Intimate coordination between Lua’s customer success team and the sales department ensures that the two divisions work together to create satisfied clients.

INSIGHTLY: This CRM software provider provides a specialized customer success representative to each client, ensuring that the customer feels well taken care of at all times of the onboarding process. By taking the time to intently listen to customer concerns and feedback, Insightly is going the extra mile to create a culture of customer success.

TOTANGO: As a dedicated customer success software provider, Totango is really a subject matter expert in the field. By providing clients with the appropriate tools and services, Totango gives clients the data they need to manage their own customer engagement processes. Totango’s philosophy is to supply the necessary data to improve the journey of the client, emphasizing happy customers as a goal.