Software as a service (SaaS) is one of the biggest and most revolutionary changes to the digital market in years. SaaS allows smaller businesses to be more competitive in the larger market, in addition to the ability to update software regularly without having to buy back in. It also allows platforms to grow at an immense rate as compared to more traditional software. These factors have allowed for steady growth in how SaaS works, positioning 2019 to be a significant year regarding new trends. Here are the trends to watch for in 2019:

Value as a Service

The flood of competitors to the SaaS market is a boon to consumers, and developers are increasingly learning that the best way to earn market share is by offering more value than their competitors. Companies can look forward to more SaaS models that offer clear results and SaaS solutions that are more tailored to the specific demands of their business.

A Focus on Brand Identity

Customer loyalty can be a difficult objective to chase, mostly because millennials are demanding more and more that the companies they do business with are matching their values. Expect more SaaS outreach that combines virtual events and videos into platforms so businesses can build a tighter connection with their prospective consumers.

An Exodus Towards App Solutions

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that digital services are the future of commerce rather than just a fad, and that means that the push towards SaaS and app-based solutions will continue at a rapid pace. More companies will be stripping back their on-premises solutions and moving towards cloud-based, digital solutions. That means that if you’ve been on the fence about implementing SaaS solutions into your business model, 2019 could be the time to make the jump.

More Investment in SaaS

It’s natural to assume that as SaaS grows rapidly, companies that truck in these models will see greater buy-in. That makes it a promising sector for investors to buy into, but it also means that there will be more support and an explosion of new SaaS services in the coming year.

A Greater Focus on Customer Success

As SaaS grows from its adolescence, it’s becoming clear that close relationships between SaaS providers and their clients are one of the key aspects of success. SaaS companies will spend 2019 putting more focus on outreach to their consumers through the implementation of more aggressive customer service.