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Lily Nathanson, of New York, New York, is happy to announce she is writing a new book. The book, which is a memoir paying tribute to her father, is a work in progress that shares her father’s wisdom and insight. It has provided several therapeutic benefits for Lily and has served as a way to honor her father.

After her father passed away due to complications from a car accident, Lily Nathanson turned to pen and paper for catharsis. Throughout the years, she continued to channel her memories of her father into words. As she has moved forward in her life and career, these writings have reminded her of the strength and wisdom her father gave her. This is why Lily decided to share the gifts he provided her with others through a retrospective memoir, which features chapters focused on her father’s inspiring life lessons.

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Lily holds a B.A. degree in English and a minor in Psychology. Tapping into skills she learned throughout her college and personal career, as she writes her first book, Lily has found a unique writing process that has also served as a therapeutic way to grieve the loss of her father.

“My process starts with writing all of my thoughts down in the most honest, raw form,” Lily said. “Every few paragraphs I go back and polish up the structure and flow of the sentences. As a visual thinker, many of my thoughts include detailed descriptions of memories and all of the senses that were evoked during that time. I pay close attention to transitions and often read aloud to ensure a strong voice from oral perspectives.”
Lily doesn’t have a completion or publication date for her memoir. Writing serves as one of the best medicines to heal and express oneself. Lily’s goal is to process the loss of her father and to come to a deeper understanding of the ways he shaped her life and how she can continue to carry on his wisdom
moving forward. Lily’s work-in-progress memoir about her father’s life lessons has taught her new lessons along the way: to stop and think in life about how blessed she is to have the father she did, and to pause and pay more gratitude to the many invaluable lessons he has taught her.

“The book is first and foremost my way of memorializing my Dad, and I’m not sure I’d want to attach a monetary or commercial value to that by publishing,” Lily said. “Because everything I’ve learned from him is priceless, to say the least.”

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To preview Lily Nathanson’s memoir, visit lilynathanson.wordpress.com

About Lily Nathanson: Lily Nathanson is an experienced customer success manager living in New York. She is passionate about helping others achieve success in business and has several years of experience in relationship management. Lily graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree from Hamilton College. Throughout her coursework in college, Lily developed a strong interest in English and Psychology, which she uses in both her professional and personal lives today. When she is not writing, Lily enjoys traveling and skiing.